Sales/Food Service Associates

Sales/Food Service Associates Sales/Food Service Associates are responsible for providing customers with fast and friendly service. Sales/Food Service Associates perform all related job functions at the sales counter area of the store and food service area’s including; ringing accurate register transactions, maintaining general appearance and cleanliness of the store, preparing quality food products. Sales/Food Service Associates need to be people oriented, dependable, self motivated and able to work effectively and efficiently in a fast-paced environment focused on customer service.

Assistant Manager

Assistant Managers are responsible for managing the store and food service in the absence of the Store or Food service Manager. Assistant Manager responsibilities include, but are not limited to; supervising and directing the activities of employees, ensuring excellent customer service, training employees, monitoring compliance with company procedures and policies, maximizing sales, controlling expenses, maintaining stock levels and inventory. Assistant Managers are responsible, in conjunction with the Store Manager, for ensuring store goals and objectives are met and creating a positive store atmosphere for employees and customers. Assistant Managers need to be people oriented, self motivated, dependable, possess strong leadership skills and able to work effectively and efficiently in a fast-paced environment focused on customer service.

Store Manager

Store Managers have ultimate responsibility for all store and food service operations. Store Managers must ensure effective, efficient and profitable execution of the Pete’s Mission. Store Manager responsibilities include, but are not limited to; customer service, operations, employee staffing, employee relations and training, food service and merchandising. Store Managers need to be people oriented, self motivated, possess strong leadership and interpersonal skills, and be flexible and customer focused. Store Managers must have high school education or equivalent and previous people management experience. Previous management experience of fast food, restaurant, retail or convenience operations is desired.

Store Maintenance

* Troubleshoots minor maintenance problems involving electrical, structural, plumbing, and equipment repair or replacement.

* Performs preventive building maintenance duties, caulks windows and doors, repairs and replaces broken windows.

* Performs routine plumbing repairs such as unstopping toilets, sinks or urinals, fixing water leaks, leaking faucets, and water fountains.

* Performs routine electrical repairs such as changing light bulbs or fluorescent lamps and assists in repairing ballast and light fixtures.

* Purchases supplies, equipment, and materials necessary to complete projects.

* Assembles and moves furniture, hangs bulletin boards, moves and sets up tables and chairs.

* Repairs and replaces door knobs or locks, repairs door closures, patches holes in walls.

* Paints interior and exterior walls.

HVAC Technicians

Install, maintain and repair heating, ventilation, and cooling units for both commercial. Diagnose and repair of electronic, mechanical and electrical components of these systems.

* Be available to work nights or weekends, on a rotating basis, to service emergency needs.

* Maintain good working order of company vehicle including refueling as necessary, reporting any mechanical issues, and filling out and submitting monthly vehicle inspection form. Vehicles should be washed on a regular basis.

* Maintain proper stock, parts, tools, and safety equipment in the vehicle.

* Maintain and submit monthly mileage log forms.

* Document all installed equipment upon arrival: make, model, serial number, type of fuel, necessary test measurements, and pictures as necessary.

* Diagnose diverse service issues, obtain any replacement parts, calibrate system to manufacturer’s recommendations.

* Participate in company provided training opportunities on latest industry technologies.